Vision - Mission




Our Library aims to create team spirit, service and perfection wtihin itself, enable the Library Users to produce-keep-transfer the information and to create learning society.        




·         To create a learning environment which ensures all kinds of users to feel comforted and safe

·         To enable the students to develop their ability to discover/reach and analyze the information within their process of academic progess by cooperating with the Academic Staff

·         To promote the interdisciplinary cooperation in knowledge production

·         To provide the protection of the intellectual content of the information sources independently of the physical format by cooperating with the other institutions and libraries

·         To utilize new techonogies and methods in order to facilitate the access to the information sources

·         To collect data systematically about the user satisfaction for the development of the service, process, program and resources

·         To provide continuous development of the skills of the library personnel for rendering new services and resources for the user