Borrowing with Protocol


·    In accordance with the protocol signed between Atılım University Library, Bilkent University Library, Gazi University Library, Ankara University Library and Middle East Technical University Library, the full time academic staff of the Atılım University can borrow books from these libraries.

User’s Liabilities;

·    The user is required to obtain the “protocol form” (2 pieces) from the circulation desk in person or obtain the print out (2 pieces) of the forms for BilkentGaziAnkara and METU, and fill in the form with his or her handwriting and have the forms approved at the circulation desk and deliver one of the forms to the library.

·    The user is obliged to show Atılım University ID card in order to obtain the protocol form.

·    With the protocol form, the user may borrow 5 books for up to 30 days.

·    Journals, reference resources, rare books, the short-term circulated books and audio-visual materials cannot be borrowed.

·    The protocol form must be delivered to the desired library within 10 days at the latest after obtaining from the Atılım University Library.

·    The protocol form is renewed three times a year, namely March 1, July 1, and October 1.

·    The users shall return the borrowed materials in person.

·    All kinds of criminal liability shall belong to the reader.

For further information, please call (+90.312)586 84  66.