Borrowing with ILL (Inter-Library Loan)


·    ILL: It is resource sharing application conducted in the university libraries and information centers at the national level.

·    It provides the opportunity to borrow the books, which does not exist in our library collection, from the other libraries.

·    Only Atılım University academic and administrative staff may benefit from the ILL service.

·    Shipment fee is taken from the reader who makes the request.

·    The reader is informed when the borrowed resources arrive at the library.

·    The reader who benefits from the ILL service, can borrow the desired resource from the circulation desk and return it to the circulation desk on the specified date.

·    The librarian must be informed 5 days before the due date in order to have extension of time for the borrowed resource. This situation may vary within the scope of the rules of the library where the resource is borrowed.

·    The borrower reader shall be liable for the lost and damaged resources.

For further information, you may call (+90.312) 586 84 66 or send e-mail to