Donated Books

In higher education to equip the students with necessary knowledge (without feeling outside the society), it becomes imperatively important to lay the foundations for a successful future by providing future generations with inquisitive minds, analytical skills, and factual solutions in the 21 st century. We can not create a knowledge society without making scientific thinking a way of living in our society.

In these days when steps are being taken to become a “knowledge society”, we can not underestimate the importance of University Education, and in that context the importance of University Libraries. It is only by means of a “Student Education Centre” that a young generation can be brought up having an inquisitive researching mind. And this brings to the forefront the concept of libraries known as “Can’t be done if not done” . This type of education brings about conditions for libraries to give quality service and have rich collections.

We would like to extend our thanks and gratitude to those book loving people whose names are given below for their valuable contributions and donations to enrich the newly established library in our university and assist the researchers in their work.