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In Ankara Archive, it is aimed  to transfer the cultural heritage (photo, article, video, postcard…etc.) of Ankara to the digital environment and to create “City Archive” which can be accessed easily by anyone anywhere. 


Various  articles and interviews made with various intellectuals, students, faculty members, publication promotions (general publications and publications about Ankara), the university and the library activities, and so on. are included in the Magazine.


In the Institutional Archive which was put into service on February 15, 2007, it is aimed to create a database of conferences, seminars and panels organized in the Atılım University and present this database for the use of researchers on the digital environment. 

Library Hours

(18 June 2016 - 18 Septemper 2016)

Weekdays       09:00-18:00 

Weekend         Closed


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Our Collection

    Book 87.040
    E-Book 163.000
    Database 26
    Theses 955
    Periodicals 1.688
    E-Periodicals 33.112
    Visual And Auditory Materials 4.421 


    Atilim University Library is a member of Anatolian University Libraries Consortium, LIBER (The Ligue des Bibliothèques Européennes de Recherche / Association of European Research Libraries) and IFLA (The International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions).